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Kaszuby Cottagers Association Overview


Founded in1968 as the Kaszuby Ratepayers Association made up of lakefront property owners on Halfway Lake, Dam Lake and Wadsworth Lake in the Township of Radcliffe.

In 1970 Constitutional statutes were established, name changed to Kaszuby Cottagers Association and became a member of FOCA.

In 1995 the Constitution was updated to promote enhancement of communications with municipal officials and establishment of a regular publication of a KCA Newsletter.

2012 KCA website initiated – still at “work in progress” stage. Suggestions welcomed at webmaster@kaszubycottagers.ca.

Membership of KCA  

The membership is made up of  lakefront property owners on Wadsworth Lake, Halfway (Long) Lake, Dam Lake,  Frank Lake, Campbell Lake and most recently (2013) Kuiack Lake Cottagers Association in the Township of Madawaska Valley. As of 2013 AGM, we have 122 registered members- with 72 recieving communications by e-mail.

 Statement of Objectives  of KCA  

“We strive to pool our resources and talents to maintain and improve a safe, secure and clean environment in our community by maintaining effective contact with local municipal authorities and agencies, to ensure the enjoyment and preservation of quality of cottage life.”  

Communications with Members

Generally a Spring Newsletter is published shortly after the FOCA AGM to update members on issues discussed at FOCA as well as local municipal council events/ decisions as well as upcoming activities of the Association during the cottage season.

When required, a supplemental winter communication will be published and sent out. This was last done in Jan 2013 to elicit the response of KCA members to the Township of Madawaska Valley council’s proposed levy of water and wastewater charges on seasonal and rural ratepayers.

Annual Events

Each year we communicate and promote the following events:
-Annual Golf Fundraiser –Barry’s Bay Golf Course–August–raises funds for scholarships for MVDHS students
-Annual (Stodola) Barn Dance - August – raises funds for maintenance/upkeep of historical barn
-KCA Annual General Meeting (AGM)  - July- August

Community Donations

Each year at the AGM, the members put forth proposals for community donations. This year KCA donations were made to St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation, Barry’s Bay Library and Citizens Action Committee.

Significant Issue for KCA in 2013

The arbitrary and questionable proposal at the January 4th (no cottagers around) session of Township of Madawaska Valley Council to download water and wastewater operating costs onto the general tax base - including rural and seasonal non user ratepayers, was a very significant issue that required a stand and response from KCA membership.

Our expressed opposition and alignment with the Citizens Action Committee caused some Councilors to “re-educate” themselves and the proposal was withdrawn. Lesson learned –be vigilant!!




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