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Kaszuby Cottagers Association – 40 yr History

Time flies –it is 40 years since our Association came into being and many of the early members and contributors are still active as well as many welcome additions have been added to the KCA.

Tracing our history by searching through the archives of our Association, an application was made in 1968 by the Kaszuby Ratepayers Association “on behalf of property owners on lakes Wadsworth, Halfway and Dam” to obtain an Ontario Charter as a non for profit organization to promote environmental stewardship on the Kaszubian Lakes and convey cottagers interests to the township and local jurisdictions.

The Association was granted status as of 1969.  A brief history of events and leadership/contributors is outlined in the following summary and notes of interest:

  • 1968-Kaszuby Ratepayers Association (Stowarzyszenie Podatnikow”Kaszuby”)

A committee of Radcliffe Twp ratepayers represented by M. Brodzka,   C.Calejewski,  S. Orlowski and J. Wielgosz) was formed and met in Toronto.

  • 1968-1970 – Kaszuby Community Association   

President. J Rudnicki / Vice Pres. J.Ciupak / Secretary M. Kawerninski   
Excerpts from the 1969 AGM agenda – “50 samples of lake water were taken in 1969- Mary Smialowski did most of the work and she will submit her report.”  (Mary is still active and committed to KCA as she was 40 yrs ago- Thank you Mary)
Other agenda items included– Hippies and other undesirable elements in Kaszuby  

  • 1970-1972 – name change to Kaszuby Cottagers Association-per Charter granted in 1969

President – J.Wielgosz
Established Constitutional Statutes of KCA and became members of FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations)

  • 1972- 1974

President – F. Jankowska
Attempt to put KCA member on Radcliffe council to represent cottagers interests– failed

  • 1974- 1981

President – A. Lagowski
Petitioned for input to subdivision approvals, motorboat restrictions and public beach environmental monitoring by Township. 

  • 1981 – 1985

President – H. Dynia

  • 1985-1989

President – M. Naranowicz

  • 1989-1995

President – L.Wasiuk

  • 1995-2007

President –A.Nitoslawska
Updated Constitution of KCA, enhanced communications with municipal officials and established regular publication of Newsletter (S.Milan) 

  • 2007- 2009

President – M.Wolnik         
Reviewing the Minutes of AGM meetings over the 40 yrs of the Associations existence, many of the issues are the same – environmental stewardship of lakes and representation of cottagers needs/interests to the municipality, recognition of our Association in the community as well as social aspects of cottage life in Kaszuby. These objectives have been sustained through the efforts of the past KCA executive, numerous volunteers and support of the membership. Lets continue to work together to sustain them in the future.

As an update to the 40 year history of our Association the following is a summary of subsequent events and initiatives:

  • 2009- 2012

President- M.Wolnik
Under the initiative of Mark Grys, a Wadsworth Lake Map with cottage owners names was published. The “Ten Dos and Don’ts of Good Cottaging” was republished, laminated and distributed to KCA members to promote a peaceful and respectful environment.

  • 2012-2014

President- Joan Ciupak
The Association protested the proposed Township of Madawaska Valley levies for water/wastewater charges on non users.  Kuiack Cottagers Association joined KCA. A KCA website was officially launched thanks to John Ciosk.



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