Kaszuby Cottagers Association


Ten Dos and Don’ts of “Good Cottaging”


1.      Respect the natural eco-system: use environmentally friendly products at your cottage. Don’t use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides near the water, or soaps in the lake. Keep your lot well-treed and protect your shoreline vegetation. Refuel any motor boats with care, and don’t idle motor boats or vehicles unnecessarily.

2.      Remember that Silence is Golden: Sound carries over water and not everyone on the lake needs to hear you. Play music respectfully and avoid long periods of noisy tool usage. When boating or jet-skiing, don’t drive above the 10 km/hr speed limit within 30m from shore.

3.     Be Waste Savvy: Reduce your garbage production by sorting your paper, glass, and plastics for recycling, and by composting organics.

4.      Enjoy exploring the outdoors but leave no traces that you’ve been there. Use public waste receptacles or have a garbage bag with you to take trash home.

5.      Wash off your water craft before launching or moving to any other waterway in the area so that invasive species are not transferred
from place to place.

6.      Use required safety equipment while boating. Keep life- jackets, a bailer, safety line, whistle, and flashlight in your boat at all
times. Boating operator cards are now required for all powered vessels. See www.BoatsmartExam.com for details.

7.      Be Fire Smart: Don’t have a fire if it is windy or very dry. Check with the municipality before burning leaves or debris. Protect your property from forest fires by checking tips at www.ontario.ca/fireprevention or www.foca.on.ca

8.      Speak Up and Inform Others. Tell cottagers, renters, or visitors about these good cottaging tips. They might not have thought about
points relating to noise, boating, pollution, or fire safety.

9.     Get involved with the Kaszuby Cottagers’ Association. Meet your neighbours and work together keeping this a beautiful place to visit.

10.   Enjoy your time here! Together we can respect each other and this special part of the world.

11.    Keep pets under control and being accountable for their deposits, so that we can all enjoy the cottaging season in peace and harmony